Thank you for considering to support God’s work in the Saucon Valley. It is our desire at Saucon Community Church to be faithful stewards of the financial resources God has provided us. In our goal to be transparent with all of our supporters, we want you to know that our online giving service provider (Breeze CHMS) applies the following fees to online giving transactions. 
Credit/Debit Card: 2.9% of donation + $0.30 per donation
Bank Transfer (ACH): 1% of donation + $0.25 per donation
We thank you again for your willingness to support our church and God’s work in this community!
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As of Tuesday, 19 December 2017 will be transitioning from our previous online giving service provider (Vanco) to a new service (Breeze CHMS). If you need to access your Vanco online donation account, please use the following link: